Insurance Coverage

ambulance-transportThe most frequent question we hear from our clients is whether or not their medical transports will be covered by insurance. Although Emergency transports are covered by all insurance carriers, your specific ambulance transport needs to meet certain guidelines.

For a detailed summary of approved transports, please refer to the Medicare Ambulance Services website. In addition, the Medicare Coverage of Ambulance Services booklet is another great resource for understanding what exactly is covered by Medicare.

We understand you still may have additional questions after reviewing this material. If you need our staff to explain or review any of these guidelines, please don’t hesitate to call us at (215) 990-2568.

In addition to Medicare and out-of-pocket payments, we work with all the major Insurance providers to help facilitate the billing process for your medical transports. Please refer to the list below if you have any questions regarding which providers we partner with:

We also accept money orders, checks, and cash.